Sci-Mx Pro2Go Bar Review

One of the issues with getting up early to go to work every day is that when Sunday rolls around, I am wide awake at 7.30am!!!

To make the most of being up early, I've been for a 7 mile run and then ruined all of my hard work by eating grilled bacon and home-made banana pancakes. The thing is, I love pleasure food and I don't think that will ever change so I need to get creative...

Pro2Go Duo bars from Sci-Mx are a new product and they come in three flavours: Orange & Chocolate, Caramel & Vanilla and Strawberries and Cream.

They're already a best-seller on the site and I can see why, they're delicious and best of all, each bar contains 20g of protein and 22g of carbohydrates. It's more than enough to keep me going until lunch and the GRS 9 -hour protein is a multi phase system which provides a combination of fast release protein whey plus and gradual release polypeptide protein isolates and concentrates. The gradual release protein is slowly metabolised and the resulting amino acids are released for up to 9 hours! My favourite is definitely chocolate and vanilla - basically a protein packed milky way. How can you argue with that?

This is how it fits in with my Monday workout (basically leg annihilation):

Stretches (important to warm up my hip flexors, glutes, quads and calves as I need them!)

Quick change step-ups on a box with 2x10kg dumbbells (3 sets of 10 reps on each leg)

I cycle and run a lot and I've just started going to MMA classes so although I want to increase leg strength, I want to stay supple and not lose my speed. This is a nice explosive exercise and it gets the legs warm for what's ahead!

Wide arm squats, 70kg (3 sets of 12 reps)

I'm new to squatting so I'm aware this isn't very much, but I've noticed a vast improvement already and I've only been doing leg sessions for a couple of months. Technique is important, so make sure you pick a weight where you can keep a good posture; straight back, push through your heels and keep your head up. If you're having to compensate by using muscles in your core, decrease the weight.

Barbell lunges, 20kg (3 sets of 12 reps) 

Backward lunges, forward lunges, lunges where one leg is raised on a box behind me and I just focus all of the effort on bending my fixed standing leg - they're all great ways to mix it up! Again, technique is important here and when you put your weight on the leg that is taking the weight, do it in a controlled slow manner. If you do this one correctly and isolate your posterior chain, the muscles in your backside will feel like you've been kicked by a donkey the next day.

Dead lifts

I'm new to this so I don't want to run before I can walk and I want to avoid back injuries so I'm currently lifting 70kg. It's completely up to you what you feel comfortable doing but I'd recommend you warm up with either a light weight or an empty bar and if you haven't performed this exercise before, you should consult gym staff who will be happy to give you pointers. The key is controlled movements, hinging your hips so you engage your posterior chain as opposed to putting all your weight on your quads (a common mistake) and pushing the weight through your heels. As your hip angle opens up, your torso will naturally straighten, there should be minimal spinal movement.

When you first lift the weight, you are going from zero movement to activating many muscle groups. This is called starting strength This is a very effective exercise but as people sometimes try to use their lower back to compensate for their legs, it can lead to a nasty injury.

Try it with a kettle bell to start with - here's a great in-depth explanation of this exercise.

Good luck!

Product review: Core 150 Shaker

I've been using sports supplements for about 3 months now and I'm really noticing the difference. I'm noticing that I have more definition, my strength has increased and the scales are telling me that I've bulked up a bit too without losing my ability to run.

Also, where I used to give in to temptation at work by going out and getting a twix, or if it was really bad, a pack of munchies, I now have a protein shake which seems to keep the wolf from the door!

I've been keeping my Core 150 protein shaker at work and I love it. It comes with 3 x 50g compartments that slot into the shaker, so you can fill them up with whatever supplement powder you're using so you don't need to bring in individual servings every day or store a massive tub under your desk. You don't have to just put protein in the compartments either; you can put other healthy snacks in such as fruit or nuts.

I will say that the volume of the shaker is larger than the standard size but it still fits into my bag easily so it's not a problem. I've been wanting to write about this product for a while as I use it every day now so it's highly recommended!

Use your Core 150 to store your post-gym snacks in as well as your supplements.
Find out more at

Review: Sci-Mx Pro2Go cookies

It was a crisp afternoon in October and I'd just finished my month's notice in my old job. As a final farewell, my colleagues suggested going along for a game of football for old time's sake.

About 5 minutes had gone by; I was playing ok but hadn't really touched the ball much, but finally my opportunity when a teammate found me with a pass.

It was at that point that I forgot how human ankles worked; I inexplicably rolled on my right ankle and snapped two ligaments. I've shied away from football since then but there's a gym close to my new office so I've been going there quite a lot. I love sport (rugby, football, athletics, snowboarding) so I've always had the view that the gym is a means to an end to increase performance. Not everyone has that view as a lot of the guys at the gym aren't interested in sport at all and live for the weights!

To my surprise, I've quite enjoyed adding weight training to the running and cycling that I do, which is why I was really pleased to receive some 'Pro2Go' protein cookies from the sports nutrition company Sci-Mx.

There's 23 grams of protein in each cookie and if you're weight training, this will increase your calorie intake to add muscle. There are two flavours: Chocolate chip and White Chocolate and Strawberry (my favourite).

I've been training around four times a week with a mix of cardio, weights and plyometric exercises so it's important to keep your calorie intake up (a 10k run in 45 minutes burns approximately 700 calories). Having one of these every day when I get a bit peckish at my desk it's a convenient snack and a much better option than a chocolate bar.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a massive gym fanatic and the weight I can lift pales in comparison with some of the people at my gym but I've definitely noticed the difference with both my strength and my body-tone.

I'd definitely recommend trying Pro2Go cookies alongside a protein shake and a healthy diet. You can visit the Sci-Mx website here.

Party Season with M&S Man

We are in the thick of Christmas party season and as some of you are probably wondering what to wear for the occasion I thought I'd put together a post in collaboration with Marks & Spencer to provide you with some inspiration.

They've supplied me with a Slim Fit 2 button twill suit and I've had a go at putting together some different looks...

The office Christmas party is a broad spectrum; from the formal event hosted by your senior management to the "merry" occasions that involve photocopiers and falling out of a nightclub at 4 am. 

Barring a formal black tie event where you will need a tuxedo, I've chosen a suit that I think covers all bases. It's a shade of grey that isn't on the light side, as I think they can sometimes look like a wedding suit, and the colour doesn't look out of place with either a formal black derby shoe or a casual brown brogue. It's also worth remembering that New Years is coming up too so another opportunity to adorn a suit!

Regular readers will be used to my pictures being, shall we say, rougher around the edges but as I like the suit so much, I enlisted the help of a photographer friend of mine to take some flashier pictures.

The Smart Event

If the event is a bit more serious, your directors will be there, partners are invited and everyone is making more of an effort you don't really want to be arriving wearing your worst Christmas jumper.

I normally think that a dark shirt and dark tie make you look like a carphone warehouse salesman but I think in this case, a slim-ft navy shirt and tie with some smart black oxford shoes look the part.

Dinner and then drinks

I'm referring here to the more dignified affair which might go onto some bars later on, so you don't want to dress too formally but you still want to look good. I've gone for a open shirt and some black oxford shoes with buttoned cuffs. However make sure you put some stays in your collar as I forgot to bring mine to the shoot. Annoying!

A Night to Forget 
I'm referring here to the Christmas party which ends with you having a dance-off against your boss to gangnam style. Just because your dignity has flown out of the window, it doesn't mean you can't still look good.

I've gone for a knitted tie and check shirt which go together really well and gives the outfit a casual appearance. Brown shoes are more casual in my opinion.

I've consciously avoided cuff links for every outfit as on a nights like these, we all know they'll go missing along with you phone, wallet, keys and dignity.

Hopefully that's given you some inspiration! The suits at Marks & Spencer are excellent value for money, very good quality and I hope you'll agree, very stylish!

The suit is machine washable and only £69 which I thought was incredible so definitely worth a visit to bolster your wardrobe.

Enjoy the Christmas Party season.

The Superbite

What I Wore Today - Cats and Dogs

Really miserable day here today so I've decided to take out my favourite wool jumper from Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply. I really like the brand and they've got a lot of nice knitwear now normal service has resumed with the great British weather!

This week hasn't been great; I ruptured 2 ligaments in my ankle playing football and now my foot resembles a rotten banana. I put the picture on Twitter but I don't think it got a lot of appreciation. Honestly, if you can't appreciate a bruised, hairy, horrible foot there must be something wrong with you.

I've matched the jumper with a really nice casual jacket that I got from Zara, a pair of dark beige chinos from H&M and my Hunter wellies! The umbrella was two pounds from sports direct and I'm sad to say, it didn't last through the photo shoot. You get what you pay for!

I hope this coming week treats you well!

What I Wore Today - Fred Perry Cardigan

Had a cold night out in London last night where I met some of my Aussie compadres at the excellent Meat Liquor! I had a burger that took about 5 years off my life expectancy but it was totally worth it. Great night apart from when asking the doorman if there were any good bars in the area, a too cool for school chick said "Leicester Square is that way. It's where all the touristy places are". Cheek!

It looks like Summer is well and truly over now and I'm now going through the routine of hating all of my cold-weather clothes.

I go through this every year. Maybe  it's because I'm addicted to shopping (for myself) or the changes in fashion. 

But alas! Something arrived this week to keep me warm and stylish with a cardigan from Fred Perry at Mainline Menswear. I really liked the 'Tipped Pique Cardigan In Graphite Grey Marl' as I figured it would be great to either wear with a stylish pair of dark or stonewash jeans.

This gives me the perfect excuse to hit Oxford Street this weekend and find something that will compliment the outfit. This is how the shopping addiction starts...

"I'll just get some jeans to compliment a cardigan",

"I'd be silly not to buy a pair of shoes with 20% off"

"Well of course I need a new car to look good in"

"The house has a working water mill you say? I'll take it!"

It's a really tasteful, prep-style cardigan and the material is incredibly high quality. The delivery of the product was excellent and hassle free as I've come to expect from Mainline Menswear. The site has a large range of Fred Perry Jumpers and cardigans so definitely worth a look!

Review: Nike Free Run 2 from Mainline Menswear

Well wedding season is finally over. I did enjoy them but when you start gangnam styling in your sleep, it's time to call it a day! 

Now I can have a bit of "me-time" and that means I can look forward to passing out halfway through the triathlon I've got on the weekend and the Men's Health Survival of the fittest race that I'm doing with some friends at the end of the month. 

On that note, the guys at Mainline Menswear have sent me a pair of Nike Free Run 2 trainers!

As a side note, I've been writing reviews on the blog for a long time. Lots of companies have sent me items to review but I have to say Mainline Menswear have an awesome set up. Even the delivery company they use text you ahead and you can choose if you want to leave it with a neighbor, collect it, or come another day. I can't tell you how many times I've waited in between the hours of 9 and 4 with no idea if my item's going to turn up.

Looking at the site, they have the big brands like Ted Baker and Diesel but also have less mainstream brands like Cuckoo's nest which I absolutely love and the price is right too!

I just wanted to mention that, as there are so many online stores to choose from now and a lot of them can be a real pain to deal with. There's a huge range of Nike Trainers at Mainline Menswear which range from athletic footwear to casual trainer like the retro Nike Blazer hi-tops. I really enjoyed using the website and they have one of those customer support tabs where you can chat to a representative online. 

Onto the trainers - if you are considering buying the Free Run 2 trainers for the gym, then I cannot recommend them enough! They're really comfortable, breathable and look really cool. I've been running in them also but as I pronate, I need something with a more rigid heel. I've heard that the free runners get you running more on the balls of your feet and I certainly thought that but over long distances they'd take some getting used to. Shouldn't be a problem if you have a neutral gait though.

They also look really cool so they're an excellent shoe if you want to go easy on your feet. It's not often that I look forward to going on my 6.30 morning run but thanks to the guys at Mainline Menswear I'm going to be reducing to the chance of me dying on run section on the triathlon.

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