Liz Earle For Men Face Scrub Review

Does anyone else think that Katie Perry would be bloody awful in the marines? I'm just watching her new video whilst typing this and although I'm sure she's a talented singer, I'm not sure I could rely on her to pay attention when we're sweeping the ground for roadside bombs. However, if you're stuck in a combat situation with me, something has gone very wrong in the world.

I think the video stops short of that inevitable moment when she successfully transmits Russell Brand's catalogue of venereal diseases to the rest of the platoon. But until then, I'm sure she would provide a massive morale boost to the troops.

The men's skincare train isn't stopping just yet as I'm going to write a bit about Liz Earle for men face scrub. I used it at the same time as the FAB body wash which I reviewed yesterday. It wasn't quite as disappointing as the body wash as it contains eucalyptus and smelt quite nice. But as a face-wash it was bobbins. Just like the body wash, it felt more like a cream than a wash. I realise scrubs aren't supposed to lather like a wash but I'm just not a fan.

Liz Earle for men face scrub review

A bit of a flop but it's cool that you can try out all of these samples and avoid the disappointment of buying the full-size product. Plus I like to moan a lot so it's quite a nice release.

Stella Artois Cidre Review

Speaking of which... a word about Stella Artois Cidre. In an attempt to be cultured yesterday, I abandoned my loyalty to west country ciders for a taste of the continent. If you happen to value my opinion (understandable if you don't) I wish I hadn't bothered. Watery, chemically and sickly sweet... back to Stowford Press I go... stick to European legislation Belgians!

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